This episode is being released just a week after I arrived back home from Stoneleigh and Farrier Focus. Once again, England took home first prize but it was incredible to watch the American team come so very close to almost upsetting that victory.  Once again, I had a fantastic time hanging out with my podcasting buddy, Danny Bennett, and so many other now-familiar friends and faces.  Danny was busy this year as the chief steward for The International, so he lined me up with Jamie Hughes as my podcast PA.  Jamie was an amazing help, lining up guests, as well as keeping me watered and fed.

You will hear his episode where I interviewed him and his partner in crime Sam Masters in the new year. Today’s guest was at Stoneleigh as part of the team representing Sweden.  I met him for the first time last year at the International and then again in Calgary where he was competing as an individual at the world championships.

Once he had finished his final go, we sat down and did this interview. It’s always a pleasure to run into Johannes. His determination to get better and his brutal honesty are attributes that I always find inspiring whenever I run into him. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

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