Welcome everyone. A little shopkeeping before we start. Dr. Simon Curtis is hosting his last webinar of the year on December 6th.  It’s called the Hough Rehab Webinar with Marty Sala and Paige Posse.  For tickets to this event, go to  www.eventbrite.co.uk and look up the Hoof Rehab Webinar with Dr. Simon Curtis.

And don’t forget to enter Mullins as the discount code at checkout.  This episode is being released just after hosting my good friend Cody Gregory for a one-day forging clinic at Andrew DeVisser’s shop in Paris, Ontario and then a two-day whole horse dissection at the McKee-Pownall Clinic in Schomburg, Ontario. As usual, Cody knocked it out of the park with both clinics. Cody is the king of full immersion, and Equine Anatomy has been one of his deep dives. About 40 whole horse dissections later, he has teaching it down to an art. If you’re interested in setting up one for your own association or group, I would highly recommend reaching out to him. Go to  www.codygregoryllc.com and send him a message through his site.

Today’s interview comes from my time spent at Stoneleigh this year, and we’ve released it first in the queue of many interviews I did there because of its topical nature. You may recognize Tom Smith’s voice from the episode I did with the Farriers Registration Council last year. As the chair of the council, Tom has a unique perspective on the controversy surrounding the diploma and higher-level exams in England through the Worshipful Company of Farriers.  I would highly recommend that you listen to both the FRC and the Worshipful Company episodes.

If you’re not familiar with the organizations and the jobs that they fulfill for farriery in England,  then to make you do even more homework, I would point you to the BFBA’s website at www.forgeandfarrier.co.uk and search for the press releases on the farriery endpoint assessment updates under the latest news tab. I feel like with this little bit of leg work, you will have a much better understanding of the situation.  

Ever since meeting Tom last year, I wanted to sit down with him and understand why he took the often thankless position he has with the FRC and what his journey to become an FWCF was like. After our relatively brief first encounter, my instincts told me that he was going to be an inspiring guest and as you will hear, he did not disappoint. Thoughtful, driven, and not afraid to tackle the hard things, Tom has accomplished many impressive goals.  You’ll even hear us get a little choked up about our respective truck dogs who recently passed.  I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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