So I met today’s guest in England of all places, even though we live in the same country. She lives on the other side of it from me, and I was quite happy to finally meet the legendary Canada Kim. As you hear the interview, you’ll understand why Kim has become somewhat of an ambassador of Canada to the rest of the farrier world, or at least the places she’s visited.

It wasn’t a surprise that once again she was representing Canada as the alternate for the Canadian team at Stoneleigh. I had an opportunity to watch Kim prepare for the competition along with the rest of the Canadian team, and her grit and determination was quite evident. Kim also became somewhat of a mother hen to the rest of the team, keeping them all in line, and generally getting them to where they needed to be somewhat on time.

On the final day of Focus, during a well-deserved break from herding all the cats, Kim sat down with Daniel Bennett and I and I hope you enjoy the resulting conversation as much as we did.

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One comment on “Kim Lacey CJF DipWCF

  1. Janelle Monroe Apr 3, 2023

    Great interview!!