Welcome everyone and Happy New Year. I hope that 2023 has great things in store for all of you and of the many resolutions you have probably made over the past few days, I hope that you stick to some of them.

A little shopkeeping before we start. I hope to see all of you at the 2023 International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. That is January 24th to the 27th at the Duke Energy Center and the Hyatt Regency. If all goes as planned, I’m hoping to have a booth there for the first time this year with some swag for sale to help support the podcast. So, if you haven’t already, go online to americanfarriers.com and click on the International Healthcare Summit link and buy your tickets. If you find yourself there, please stop by the booth and say hi. The summit is such a cool opportunity to learn from and network with so many good folks from our trade. I hope to see you there.

Well, as you probably gathered from his introduction, today’s guest is from across the pond in Scotland. He was one of the judges of the International at Stoneleigh this year. Over that weekend I had several conversations with Ian and he is, as you will hear, a very easygoing fellow and great to talk to. Despite some hardships that he has come across, his mantra of adapting and overcoming has helped him to carry on through this time. I found it quite inspirational and wanted to share his story with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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