Today’s episode is another one that came out of my visit to the World Championship Blacksmiths competition in Calgary, Alberta.

I got to meet Todd for the first time in person while we were both in the periphery of the WCB tent watching as the competitors had their goes. Todd agreed to do an interview and we found a quiet spot up on the balcony of the farrier’s lounge and as soon as I pressed record, music started playing and announcements were made in the speakers overhead. I apologize for some of the noise. As you will hear, Todd and I had a wide ranging conversation, covering everything from his apprenticeship with the infamous Poor family, his multiple experiences as a member of the American Farriers team and the WCB team,  and his decision to step back from competing to focus on his young and growing family. 

For Todd, it has been an incredible journey, and it isn’t over yet. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

This episode is brought to you by OutWest Designs and Fabrication 

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