Robbie Miller AWCF ASF

My guest today joins us all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. Robbie Miller AWCF ASF is an accomplished racehorse shoer, competitor, and promoter of the farrier profession in South Africa. He accomplishes this... Read more

Elisa Miller CF

Welcome, everyone. First, a little shopkeeping. I recently finished a book by Greg McKeown called essentialism. The main premise of the book is exactly as the title indicates. It’s about honing in on just the... Read more

Dr. Sarah Cohen

My guest today is Dr. Sarah Cohen, and she definitely has a unique perspective on her business as a veterinarian serving the Wellington Florida area, her business website for Equity Performance Equine has the description listed under... Read more

Bruce Martin CF

As the COVID pandemic struck and international borders closed, I was unable to head South and visit one of my really good accounts in Tampa Bay, Florida. On those occasions when you’re unable to tend... Read more

Dr Alan Manning

Today I’m speaking with Dr. Alan Manning, MSC DVM. From my early beginnings as a farrier, it was always exciting to run into this gentleman. He is one of those vets who will always work... Read more

Peter Ayranto CJF

Welcome, everyone! If it seems like it’s been a while, you’re right. Fear not though, I’ve been busy sending microphones all over the world and I’m excited for the guests we will have on in... Read more

Riley Kirkpatrick CJF

In today’s episode, I am speaking with Riley Kirkpatrick CF, of Kirkpatrick Forge in Oregon. As you will hear explained in more detail, Riley was strongly recommended to me by a friend of mine as... Read more

Vern Powell CJF (TE)

In today’s episode, I had the opportunity to talk with Vern Powell, CJF (TE). Vern is the owner of MVP’s Farrier Service in Marengo, Illinois, USA and has been a farrier for 20 years. He... Read more

Daniel Bennett AWCF

In this episode, I had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Bennett AWCF. Daniel created a new podcast during this COVID pandemic geared towards continued farrier learning and that is how we connected. Daniel got... Read more

Lori McBride CJF

Today I’m speaking with Lori McBride CJF. I can’t remember where I first heard of Lori, but I’m guessing it was from one of her biggest fans, who often works with me. After becoming Lori’s... Read more

Wesley Stewart CF APF-1

In today’s episode, I talk with Wesley Stewart CF APF-1 all the way from Australia. Right from the beginning, Wesley has been an encouraging supporter of the podcast. We were fortunate to meet in person... Read more

Betsy Lordan DVM CJF TE

In this episode, I am speaking with Betsy Lordan DVM CJF TE (AKA Dr. Danger). Dr Lordan is the first female veterinarian to pass the Certified Journeyman Farrier Examination.  Betsy and I met at Heartland... Read more
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