It has recently become apparent that there is a great need for financial support for local equestrian farms in our area, particularly those that offer grassroots riding programs, which teach people the basic skills of riding horses at the beginner level. 

Schooling programs operate with large overheads given that they must house and care for a high number of very special, unique horses. These horses are referred to as “schoolies”, who teach and care for the next generation of horse lovers and equestrian athletes. These horses are often the first horses that people meet and ride.  They have very special characters, often teaching more than just the basic skills of riding.  They often teach kindness, humanity, humility and friendship to name just a few.

There is so much displacement and uncertainty in life right now and with the extended state of emergency and shelter in place requirements implemented by our government and health officials, many farms that own and care for these special school horses are finding themselves in desperate need of financial support to assist with the basic needs and care of these horses.

Mullins Farrier Podcast will be releasing a special episode to support the plight of school horses in Ontario.  We are reaching out to local businesses that would be an ideal fit for our audience with a simple ask. The ask to consider a partnership with us to assist and get involved.

We are requesting a minimum sponsorship of $100 and in return, you will receive an advertisement for your company during this special episode.  Each ad spot will mention your company name in conjunction with an associated tagline or company description (one line).  All of the proceeds will be donated to a campaign that has been created to help the specific needs of school horses in Ontario. Mullins Farrier will get the ball rolling with an initial $500 contribution.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and please reach out if you have any additional questions. We would welcome the opportunity to include your company in this most necessary initiative.

With Gratitude,

Brian Mullins CJF and team