Welcome everyone. This episode comes from me a week after getting back from Vern Powell’s brainchild, the Farrier Clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This year, yet again, was an incredible experience with meeting many new friends and getting to hang out with old ones.  I got another bunch of great interviews done, so stay tuned for those in the new year. 

Today’s episode was recorded in Calgary at the World Championships, where I finally got to meet one of my heroes. Thanks to a nudge from Spud Allison, another legend I hope to get on here at some point, I was able to convince him to do an interview. As with all of the legends that I get an opportunity to sit and have a chat with, I left this conversation feeling like I wish we had had more time.

As you will hear, Bob Marshall is full of great stories, and I feel like we just scratched the surface on what he has to share. But then again, how do you fit a lifetime into just an hour? All that said, it was an honour to get to spend some time with this gentleman.  Here’s an early Christmas present for you all.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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