I met today’s guest many years ago in the Heartland, when he was practicing quite a bit with Cody Gregory.

More recently, I’ve run into him a bunch, at Stoneleigh, the AFA convention, and in Calgary at the World Championships. Adam was always so busy competing at these events that we never had a chance to sit down and do an interview.  Calgary was finally our chance, and after an earlier round for Adam one day, we went up to the Farrier’s Bar at Spruce Meadows and sat on the balcony overlooking the trade show hall. Unfortunately, the music and ambient noise intruded on the recording and drowned out Adam a bit. Not to worry though, Heather over at Twisted Spur Media worked her magic and there are only a few instances where Adam’s voice sounds a little bit distorted. Almost like the audio version of an over-pixelated picture. Don’t worry though, ladies, overall, Adam’s smooth southern voice comes through loud and clear. As you will hear, he is full of wisdom, and there were a ton of quotable lines from him. One of my personal favorites is that, “As farriers, we live life at 90”.  I think that should be put on a t-shirt or something.  I was also quite inspired by his concept of improving 1 percent each day and how over 365 days,  that’s a lot of improvement. This concept of marginal gains came up in quite a few of my interviews at Stoneleigh this year as well. I guess if so many top competitors and prevalent farriers are all talking about it, there must be something to it.   I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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One comment on “Adam Fahr CJF

  1. Janelle Monroe Jun 1, 2024

    This was by far one of my favorite interviews so far.