Welcome, everyone. Well, at this point, the fires have all cooled and the winners have gone home with their medals from the World Championships at Spruce Meadows Masters Tournament in Calgary, Alberta. Today’s interview was recorded back at the beginning of the year at the Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you will hear Jack say that competing at the World Championships blacksmith competition was on his bucket list. I’m happy to report that he did make the list. As I’m recording this before heading out there, and before the competition, I apologize, but I can’t tell you how he did.

Speaking of international farrier competitions, do you have your flights booked yet for the International at Stoneleigh in England? It’s coming up quickly and you might as well attend the focus convention while you’re there. Visit www.forgeandfarrier.co.uk for more details.

Today’s episode is proudly sponsored by Spencer and his team at Outwest Design and Fabrication, where they build farrier bodies, custom interiors, vet boxes and just about anything else you can come up with. I have seen many of their finished products and spoken to many of their happy clients. So happy in fact that it inspired me to use them for my next project. Check them out on Facebook at Outwest Design and Fabrication.

As you listen to today’s guest, you may think that you accidentally changed your podcast app’s speed to double time but that’s just the speed that Jack Ketel’s mind works. I had only known this man by reputation for the many years that he had been on the Canadian team and it was a true pleasure to finally get to meet him in person and have this conversation. As you will quickly come to realize, dust does not settle on this man and he has a very unique ability to always make life an adventure. I found him quite inspiring, and I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Today’s episode is proudly sponsored by Outwest Design and Fabrication  https://outwest.ca/

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