Welcome everyone. I’ve got a few items in the shopkeeping portion for you here. First of all, the BFBA Focus 2023 tickets are now available for sale. 

There are live demonstrations as well as a very large trade show. Go to forgeandfarrier.co.uk For more details, just click on the BFBA Focus 2023 link. I hope to see you there.

The folks at the Canadian Equine Hoof Care Association wanted me to let you know that they have an event going on September 30th to October 2nd called The Evolution in Whole Horse Soundness. This is a conference for all hoof care professionals, equine industry professionals, students and owners. On October 2nd there’s a bonus wet lab for members only. For more information, go to canadianequinehoofcare.com/conference

The end of September is a busy time. There is also the Ontario Farriers Association’s Convention, September 28th to the 30th. Riley Kirkpatrick is the keynote speaker and the judge for the contest.

As I’m sure you saw on our social media feeds, we had an auction last week. Today’s guest farrier and toolmaker extraordinaire, Tyler Joos donated one of his handmade hammers for us to raise money for the podcast. Thank you to everybody who bid on the hammer. A special thank you goes out to Payden Underwood who had the highest bid.

My good friend Andrew DeVisser, who you know from several episodes on this podcast, gave me a call and he said, you need to talk to Tyler Joos. As you’ll hear in the interview. Tyler reached out to Andrew for some business advice. They have corresponded many times since, and Andrew hasn’t led me astray yet. So I put Tyler on the hit list and low and behold, Tyler reached out to me. I wasn’t aware, but he’s an avid listener of the podcast and he wanted to support the podcast in his own unique way, hence the auction for the hammer.

Now, Tyler is one of those people where anytime his name comes up, everyone has nothing but nice things to say about him. Salt of the earth is actually a term I’ve heard used to describe him several times. At one point in the interview, you’re going to hear Tyler talk about a time where a customer wasn’t happy with one of his hammers. So Tyler made a new one and sent it off to him, and he mentioned that gentleman by name, Connor Sloman. At the end of the interview, he was actually concerned Connor might not want that story told, but I reached out to Connor and asked him if he would be okay with it, and as I already suspected, he was.

Tyler and I had a great candid chat. I. And I think there are a lot of great takeaways from it. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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