Welcome everyone! A little shopkeeping before we start.

What are you doing at the end of October this year?I highly recommend that you attend the International Horseshoeing Competition and the British and Blacksmith’s Associations Focus Convention at Stonleigh Park. As I am sure you’ve heard me brag about before I attended this event last year and had a fantastic time.

What more could a farrier want in an event? You have the world’s best competing as teams. You have the convention full of world-class speakers and every vendor represented that you could think of, as well as live shoeing demos by some of the best in the world. I realize that October seems quite a ways off right now, but plan ahead. Get yourself a ticket and hopefully, I’ll see you over there. For more information, go to www.forgeandfarrier.co.uk  

I’m also excited to announce the release of Chris Gregory’s second installment in his series of memoirs titled For the Want of a Shoe, the Horse was Lost. This book covers his time growing up as a child on his family’s ranch in New Mexico and his time voluntarily spent at military school. That’s right. He wasn’t sent there. He asked to go. Anyway, as with his previous book, this one is full of anecdotal stories and humorous misadventures that all accumulate into the legendary man that we all know today. The book is available on Amazon or through the school’s website.

As well, if you’d like to hear some more from Chris. He started his own podcast and the first two episodes are out now. Have a listen. It’s called Final Approach with Chris Gregory, and it’s available where all fine podcasts can be found. 

There have been a lot of listeners who kind of poke fun at the way that I talk. My Canadian accent is apparently more prevalent than I think but today’s guest is going to top that. His Canadianness is next level, and I imagine that he’d be pretty proud to hear that. I met Brad down in Puerto Vallarta with the rest of Vern Powell’s crew, and we got to know each other quite well during that trip. As a podcast first, this interview was recorded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while we were on a deep sea fishing excursion. Brad is humorous, humble, and handy, all attributes of many of the greats of our trade. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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