Welcome everyone. Today. I’m speaking with Douglas Hogue, CJF, EE. Doug currently runs his business out of a county, close to Houston, Texas.

We cover a wide range of topics and Doug shared his straightforward and honest opinion on all of them. As you will hear, Doug, isn’t afraid to be controversial, which seems to be part of his charm.

One of the topics we covered was being fired by clients and I had the unfortunate luck to have that happen to me this very week. As you will hear me say in the conversation, it doesn’t seem to matter how far into our careers we get being fired, still stings for most of us. My friend and former podcast guest, Kathy Lesperance and I have had this conversation as well. She has about two decades on me in this trade and she says, in the particular situation from this week, it still hurts.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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