Today, I’m speaking with Chris Diehl, CJF, FE, AWCF. When I first started this little podcast project of mine, I had more than just a little bit of difficulty getting some people on board with doing an interview. Many didn’t know what a podcast was, let alone who I was. To this day, I have quite a few interview request messages in my outbox that have not been responded to.

So, on the day that someone reached out for me to interview then I knew that the podcast had reached some sort of pinnacle of traction. Chris’ opening message to me promised that he had a lot to offer in a conversation for the podcast and as you will hear, he did not disappoint. To this day when I’m working on a set of keg shoes with pre-made clips, I hear Chris’ voice in my head saying “I’m pro clip, I’m just not pro angle iron”. Sometimes controversial but always calling things as he sees them, I now bring you Chris Diehl CJF, FE, AWCF. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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