Welcome, everyone! As you probably noticed from the intro some things are going to be a little askew in today’s episode.

Before we start a few shopkeeping items. First, my fellow podcaster and the infamous farrier educator Dr. Simon Curtis has been putting on some great webinars over the past few years. I have found them to be very informative and their content applicable to my day-to-day shoeing. For a limited time, Simon is offering a discount to listeners of this podcast. If you enter MULLINS all caps as the discount code at checkout, you’ll get 20% off the ticket price for the next webinar.

I have found that even if I couldn’t make the time for the actual webinars, my tickets entitled me to videos of them later that I could watch at my leisure. Dr. Simon’s next webinar is a live dissection with Mitch Taylor and will take place on the 23rd. You can find the link to purchase tickets to this event on Simon’s website at https://www.drsimoncurtis.com/calendar

Also, some exciting news, former guest Heather Beauchemin has written a fantastic book for horse owners. It’s titled The Hoof Book, a horse owner’s guide to demystifying hoof care. It debuted at number one in new releases in the equestrian sports category on Amazon.

This book could be your best way to quell those questions you get from those clients who like to go online and look up a thing or two about how to shoe horses. I believe that properly informed clients can make some of the best clients. So if you’re thinking of getting multiple copies to give to clients, reach out to Heather online, and she can offer you a volume discount on orders over 10 books, you can find Heather Beauchemin’s book on the Amazon app or online at www. amazon.com.

Now for today’s episode, many of my guests have said that they weren’t sure why I had asked them, of all people, to do an interview. Today’s guest is no exception.  When Chris Gregory suggested an episode where he interviewed me, I was hesitant at first. After I said, yes, Chris made sure to make me nervous about the event. Every time we spoke, he also reached out on social media, asking if people had questions for this interview. Some, I had the opportunity to see in the responses to one of his posts, but most of the others, including his own questions, I did not.

A few months later, we were able to sit down in the Heartland, in the room where it all started with Chris being my very first guest. As you will hear, Chris is a natural interrogator, I mean, interviewer and we had a lot of fun.

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