Welcome everyone. This episode’s release comes just a few days after the final lecture at The Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio. As I alluded to in the previous episode, I had a booth set up in the trade show selling shirts to support the podcast, and the response was incredible. My father, Ian, came along to help and it was quite amazing to be able to introduce him to so many of my heroes and good farrier friends.

In true farrier fashion, dad was welcomed and included in all the events and outings with open arms. We sold quite a bit of swag and I sent the remainder down to where I stay when I’m working in Florida so if any American listeners want to buy a hoodie or a T-shirt, let me know and I will see if I have your size.

Having the booth was also a great way to meet so many listeners in person and one of the suggestions is one that I’ve heard many times before, and the timing of it was perfect. People said that interviews with the big movers and shakers of our industry were great, but they wanted to hear more from the people who were just starting out or early in their careers. To share the trials and triumphs they experience in the dawn of their farrier business.

Today I’m speaking with Mercy Bishop CF and her father, Ben Bishop, CJF. At the time we recorded, Mercy had just freshly graduated the 12-week program at Heartland Horseshoeing School and was in the midst of her journey to get her CF, and Ben was in the midst of his CJF during the pre-cert course. So there you go, I do listen to suggestions.

I hope you enjoy the conversation I had with this wonderful duo as much as I did. 

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One comment on “Ben Bishop CJF and Mercy Bishop CF

  1. Janelle Monroe Feb 20, 2023

    Great podcast!!!